1951 Mercury
An American Legacy
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Mercury received an all new, postwar styling starting with the 1949 model year. Nearly everything was changed when compared to the 1948 models. The Mercury engine, a flathead V-8 grew in displacement to 255 cid, and horsepower grew from 100 to 110. The suspension set-up placed coil springs in the front and leaf springs in the back. Power was transferred to the rear wheels via a 3-speed manual transmission, with an optional overdrive unit available. Pricing was aimed at the mid-market consumer, with a standard coupe costing just under $2,000.

Mercury made only minor adjustments in 1950, with some trim differences from the previous year. A low-priced coupe was added to the lineup, as well as the first hardtop design, the Mercury Monterey.

The most notable change for the 1951 model year was the introduction of the Merc-o-Matic automatic transmission. Horsepower changed nominally from 110 to 112, and exterior styling changes included reshaped rear fenders and rear glass. The front parking lights were changed with a chrome extension wrapping around the front fender.

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1951 Mercury, Front-Shot, Driver-Side, We are simply waiting for chrome to come back into style...
1951 Mercury, Full-Front-Shot, Driver-Side, A family car with potential and it will carry six adults in comfort as long as you do not need air conditioning...
1951 Mercury, Interior through Suicide Doors, We don't need no stinkin' stretch limousine...
1951 Mercury, Dash and Windshield, There ain't no digital on this dash board...
1951 Mercury, The View from Behind, A nice view if you happen to be waiting in line...
1951 Mercury, Under the Hood, You really can see the spark plugs...
1951 Mercury, Wiring Diagram, Still six volts with a positive ground...
1951 Mercury, Wiring Diagram for Turn Signal and Brake Lights, How do the brake lights and turn signals work together using the same bulb filament?

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Getting the car out of the driveway under its own power is a fun experience.

Driving to the Golden Gate Bridge is a fun way to test drive a classic vehicle.

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SimoTime is a proud supporter of the preservation of legacy or classics automobiles. This is an excellent example of the styling and engineering of the 1950's. Here's to the "Lead-Sled" and "Flatheads Forever". This was a time when gasoline was only twenty-five cents a gallon.

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